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 You're a Nurse— now become a BSN-prepared Nurse

RN to BSN Online Program

Get on the fast track to complete your Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree in as little as one year! Our 100% online and newly revised, RN to BSN curriculum is flexible and designed to meet your busy lifestyle. Mercy College offers the most direct path to advancing your nursing career through our generous credit transfer and affordable tuition.

Accelerated BSN


Employment Outlook

Projected growth of 16 percent from 2014 to 2024 according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.



Learn the principles and concepts of Community Health Nursing during a 
45-hour clinical practicum
with opportunities for domestic or international immersion experiences.



The median expected
salary for a Nurse Manager
in central Iowa 
$83,300 per year.  
Source: Salary.com


Finance Your Degree

Students are eligible to receive additional funding through scholarships.
Plus, employee tuition reimbursement may be available.

What will a Bachelor of Science in Nursing do for me?

ASNAs a BSN-prepared nurse, you will be prepared to coordinate recruiting and orienting of new hires, oversee unit nursing staff, manage and coordinate schedules, improve the ef ciency and quality of care provided to patients and function more readily in roles both at the bedside and in other independent settings. In addition, graduates are prepared to assume roles involving leadership, education, research, and community health. By enrolling in the Mercy College of Health Sciences RN to BSN online program, you will study alongside other licensed nurses who are also striving to advance their nursing careers.

National research supports becoming a BSN graduate:
  • As a nurse’s education increases, patient mortality decreases.
  • BSN graduates are twice as likely to utilize employer-provided tuition assistance to expand their education.
  • BSN-prepared nurses reported higher job satisfaction and lower job stress.
  • The Institute of Medicine (IOM) in a 2010 report on the future of nursing declared a national goal of achieving an 80% BSN-prepared nursing workforce to meet the challenges of healthcare in the 21st Century.

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